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Student Feedback on English Podcasts

5 years ago
Hi Verblingers! (people of Verbling!)

So, I sometimes do podcasts (audio files) and video recordings with my students and send them via Verbling message. I would love to know what you enjoying listening to or watching in English.
Is it about sports, current affairs, news, or funny stories, which I have a lot of in my archives!
Do you fancy listening to something related to the environment, the wonderful British culture? I know a lot about this as I am 100% British.
How long should a podcast or video be for you? Is five minutes too short, or too long! On the other hand, is fifteen minutes a good length? This is sometimes useful if you are on the train or listening in the car. (Remember to drive safely!)

So let me know! What do you want to hear when you search for podcasts or videos.

Thanks for reading

Teacher Dominic