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Students of English: Are you on a tight budget? Would you like FREE tuition? Read on...

4 years ago

I understand that not everyone has $56 in their back pocket. But ...do you have 55 cents in your back pocket which you're willing to invest in high-quality tuition? Yes? Then, read on...

As my long-term, regular students are very aware, I do an extraordinary amount of FREE work for them. They, after all, pay above-average fees for their class-time with me, so they have a right to expect a certain amount of extra-curricular support from me for FREE. Your situation, though, is different; you're not currently a student of mine, so you don't currently have access to this high-value, FREE help in achieving your linguistic and life goals. I want to change that: I want to offer you FREE lessons.

What does "FREE lessons" mean? Well, it means that as soon as you've invested your 55 cents in your first lesson with me, your second lesson is FREE. Then, after you've invested a further $3 in your third lesson with me, your fourth lesson will be FREE. And by that time you and I will know each other well enough to ascertain whether there's a successful learner-teacher relationship developing between us, and we'll talk about what further FREE lessons I'll then be willing to offer you, personally.

Here's what I do, the only thing I ever do: first I listen to you, I support you, I check with you that I'm understanding correctly what you want to achieve in life, and we get on with working together to drive you toward your goals in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost to you. Does that sound appealing to you. (If not, then, goodbye and good luck). If so, read on...

There's one important thing you need to know. I'll care about your goals and I'll find ways that you can quickly achieve your goals. But that isn't nearly enough. YOU need to care about your own life-goals at least as much as I care about them - that way, we'll quickly get to where we're inexorably headed (otherwise, I'd be just pointlessly firefighting while you're continuing to throw more gasoline onto the flames: I will not do that; I refuse to participate in anybody's failure; that is not what I do; you can find plenty of other, albeit less economical, teachers who're content to hold your hand on the path toward endless failure if that's your thing; so, goodbye and good luck if that's you). If you're still with me, then read on..

So, it's like this: do you want to be a winner? Then, hit me up, and let's get started. (But if you're resolutely committed to being a loser -which, of course is your prerogative, and it's entirely your right to choose that path; and it's up to everyone else, then, simply to get out of your way and respect your decisions- then just keep on with whatever you're currently doing because I don't waste my time with losers).

If you're still here, then congratulations! I look forward to hearing from you soon.