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take our patronage elsewhere

il y a 4 ans
Could you help me understand the meaning of this situation.

Moe is bought a Russian wife by Bart Simpson. So, Moe didn’t see it coming and wants to get rid of her, but she tries to please him in every possible way. She, chased out moose and squirrel. Actually they are 2 men that look a bit like a moose and squirrel. So, the dialogue goes like this.

Russian wife: So, Moe, I do good? I work hard, clean up bar. I even chase out moose and squirrel.
Squirrel telling to moose while walking away: Hey, let's take our patronage elsewhere, Moose.
Moose to Squirrel: Duh, what's a patronage? Duh.

They both look like two boozers. What is the meaning of “take our patronage elswhere”?

Thank you very much!