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Talking about the weather

5 months ago
It is a global stereotype of English people that we always talk about the weather. To be fair, we do talk about it quite a lot! However, this isn't because we can't think of anything else to discuss. The weather in incredibly changeable in England and Britain, compared to many places around the world. For example, in the last hour here in my part of England, we have had a strong hailstorm followed by sunshine! This challenge often makes it extremely difficult to decide what to wear when going outside!

We say the word 'it' a lot when we are talking about the weather in English. 'It' is the weather itself. So we might say 'It is really windy today'.

Here are some more useful English weather phrases:

It’s freezing outside! - It is very cold outside. Perhaps not actually 0 degrees though because we could be exaggerating!
My car’s iced up, it’s that cold. - The cold weather has covered my car in ice.
I can’t believe the fog! - The fog has made visibility very difficult. Again, this isn't necessarily literal.
It looks like it’s going to snow. - Looking at the clouds in the sky and feeling the temperature, snow seems likely.
It’s absolutely boiling! - Definitely not literal. Amusingly for students from warmer countries, this could be used at 25 degrees centigrade!
Beautiful day, isn’t it? - I am enjoying these weather conditions. Are you?
It’s bucketing down. - The rain is very heavy.
I hear they’re calling for thunderstorms all weekend. - The weather forecasters are predicting thunderstorms over the entire weekend.
It's only a shower. - The rainstorm will soon pass.