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Tamitha and the Dragon

9 months ago
Practice your listening skills with this short story about a young girl who is captured by a dragon.

New Vocabulary
1. Snatch (verb) : verb: to take something quickly 2. Linguine is a type of pasta that looks like flat spaghetti. 3. Vast (adjective): very large 4. Wrath (noun) : anger; rage 5. conceded to admit; to know something is true 6. Advertise (verb): to make the public aware of something, such as a product, that is being sold 7. Sensible (adjective): having or showing responsibility and smarts 8. minion a servant 9. complied to act in agreement with; to obey 10. ominously something that shows future unpleasantness 11. the depressed state of being very unhappy 12. Offend (verb): to anger or annoy someone 13. In the game of lacrosse, a ball is thrown, caught, and carried using a small net at the end of a long stick. 14. sanitary, free from dirt or waste; clean 15. languish to suffer and rot 16. impenetrable impossible to enter 17. implied to signal without stating; to suggest 18. emphasis calling attention to a certain word, action, or idea 19. Secure (verb): to make tight 20. imprisoning to keep or put in prison 21. incorporated to include in