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The difference between SUCH and SO

3 years ago
Use SO with adjectives and adverbs
so + adjective/adverb + that + result

  • The test was SO difficult that everyone failed.
  • The weather was SO cold that I nearly got frostbite.
Use SUCH with nouns
such + (adjective) + singular/plural noun + that + result (It is common to put an adjective before the noun)

  • This is SUCH A good song that it stayed at number 1 for 12 weeks in a row. (notice the article in front of the singular noun)
  • The Andover Arms has SUCH good food that there's always a queue for a table.
SO / SUCH in exclamations
This is probably where most learners get confused.

In exclamations we drop the word 'that' and use:
i) such + noun (singular/plural) ii) so + adjective

  • You are such an idiot! (noun)
  • Celebrities have such weird tastes! (noun)

  • You are so beautiful! (adjective)
  • She is such a beautiful girl. (noun)