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The great and terrible: Verbs of Motion in Russian

il y a 3 ans
Russian speakers are obsessed with knowing all detailed information about a person’s movements. The more detailed it is, the better. Maybe, it is connected with the size of the country, Russia is so big that you always need to know how your partner will get somewhere.
Why can’t we just say “go” and deal with it? Actually, when you know how to use the verbs of motion in Russian, you will realize that using them, you can make your speech shorter and still really informative.
I can use one single word in Russian, but you will understand where, how, by what means, how many times, for how long and what distance will I cover. Again, all with one single word. Isn’t it great? The Russian language just hacked Twitter with its limits.
what is the difference with another language? Mostly, in a language, we have one word to say “to go”. In Russian, we have at least 2. What are these words, you can find by watching a video and completing an interactive task in our blog:

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