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The Lunar New Year '' TẾT'' in Vietnam

5 years ago
Dear greatest language learners of the world,

Tết - Lunar new year is the biggest cultural event in Vietnam, China, Hongkong...and other Asian region. In Vietnam, Tết is a really great festival and special time for everybody to:

- Finish things which they have not finished in the past year
- Say sorry to anyone who you have made mistakes with
- Prepare a better new year and finish what you have not in the past year, make a resolution for the new time.
- Enjoy the best time with your family and your friends, visit your families, parents, teachers and your neighbors....
- Wish the best new time to come

So, Tết is not only a holiday in Vietnam, it is also the time, the chance when people start their new life, remake their life into a better life, make new wishes and plans for the new years to come...refresh the loving relationship with families, friends, partners....Nowadays, there are many people in the world have come to Vietnam on the occasion of the Tết festival to enjoy the actual, biggest cultural event of Asian countries.
For you to see more, I have made a special video about this great event. I was risky on my motorbike to catch the most beautiful pictures and sights, moment. I wish you to have a good time with my videos.


Your sincerely,

Nguyen The Vu
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