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The mental question mark moment

4 years ago
Let’s say you are trying to speak English and you become frustrated because you want to say or ask something, and you don’t know how. That is what I call a question mark moment. If that question goes unanswered, the frustration remains and accumulates. Don’t let that happen!
Every question mark moment you experience is a priceless opportunity to learn because what you learn by getting the answer then and there will stay with you. Why? Because you are filling a gap in your mind, you are feeding your memory a significant piece of information – it is significant to you, because at that very moment you want to know how to say that specific thing, you have an urge to know it, so you can communicate.

Words are communication tools. When you try to communicate, you need those tools. If you acquire those tools right when you need them, you will use them. And they will stay with you, in your memory, as real-life experience stays in your memory. Then, if you use those tools again, it will be a pleasure to be able to use them because they will quickly come when you need them and flow effortlessly, beautifully.

When the question mark moment arises, be sure to have good resources readily available around you: flash-cards, reference books, Internet bookmarks or, even better, a good teacher. Granted, your teacher isn’t always there 24/7, but you can write him/her an e-mail. Don’t worry, the question mark will still be there to be fulfilled, even if it has to wait a bit, it can survive a little delay and still work wonders.

Can you relate?
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