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The pharse 'one of the'

4 years ago
Hey everyone!

One of the most common mistakes students make is using a singular noun after the phrase ‘one of the’. Here are several examples:

- One of the main disadvantage of living in the city is air pollution.
- One of the main problem I had during the exam was that I couldn’t understand the examiner’s accent.
- One of my favourite Italian dish is pasta.
- One of the best football player of all times is Messi.

All of these sentences contain the same grammar mistake. The phrase ‘one of the’ should always be followed by a plural noun as it refers to a single example of a pool of options.

When you say ‘one of the main disadvantage’ it’s like saying ‘one of only one’ which is incorrect and instead we’d simply say ‘the main disadvantage’ and not ‘one of the main disadvantage’.

Same goes for the rest of the sentences.

One of the main problems (but there are other main problems that I won’t mention here) but
The main problem (other problems are of secondary importance)

One of my favourite Italian dishes (I have more than one favourite Italian dishes) but My favourite Italian dish (I only have one favourite)

One of the best football players (I think other football players are as good as Messi) but The best football player (I think no one beats Messi)

I hope this helps! Keep on learning and make sure you enjoy the journey👍