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The wars against Covid in Vietnam!

2 years ago
Dear all Vietnamese lovers,

The wars in Vietnam has gone over long time ago. But now they have happened again in Vietnam, but not the wars between people and countries with weapons, these are the wars to fight against Covid, which has spread out so much in our world. Now the people in the cities of Vietnam have seen the soldiers with so famous bicycles again carrying the foods and important things to people in Vietnam. Please enjoy and thank you italki, which has connected all of us. Let's Enjoy Vietnam: The special bicycles in the Vietnam war now are used again to deliver foods and supplies to people in Covid time. https://vtc.vn/video-bo-doi-dung-xe-dap-tho-van-chuyen-luong-thuc-vao-hem-nho-o-tp-hcm-ar634505.html