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Thinking about learning German? I hope this convinces you!

a month ago

To those out there wondering if you should start learning German or not, I have some things I'd like to point out in your decision-making process:

German grammar is very regular, especially compared to some other languages. Once you get the gist of it, things really take off. Vocabulary is also definetely similar to English in some moments. Word order and separable verbs are not as intuitive as we'd like and the subjunctives are a bit tricky to master but, really, that is about it in terms of difficulty.

So many great minds come from the German-speaking world in the areas of philosophy, music, literature, mathematics, physics and art in general! It is the language in which Brecht, Goethe, Kafka and Nietsche wrote their works, to quote only a few. Imagine being able to read the originals from these works? =) Plus, speaking German can be an asset for work, as German companies are at the top of so many markets and Germany's capital, Berlin, is turning into a hub for startups. It has even been called “the Silicon Valley of Europe” by some. =D

Regarding academia, Germany’s universities have an amazing reputation and the German higher education system is partly for free or at very low tuiton fees. German also comes in second place as one of the most used scientific languages on the planet!
Feel convinced to learn German yet? If not, book a class with me and I'll make you want to learn German like you want nothing else! =D