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This is the sign you waited for! Take part in the Russian Marathon

3 years ago

Study Russian with the Russian Marathon

Here you are going to learn how to study the language effectively

This marathon suits every level: from beginners to advanced and covers 8 weeks of studying the Russian language with video and interactive tasks on our platform.
The Russian Marathons start on June 3. But do not worry, once you enroll, all of the materials, lectures and tasks will be available forever!

That will include such topics as:

1) How to find time and motivation for learning Russian 2) How to hack your brain and remember words effectively 3) How to find the best method to study Russian grammar 4) How to read in Russian without a translator or dictionary 5) How to understand Russian speech 6) How to express your thoughts on a paper 7) How to overcome language barriers

Learn more here: https://www.ru-les.com/marathons/study-russian-with-the-russian-marathon

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them