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Tips for Language Learning

5 years ago
Everyday I have students asking me how to remember vocabulary or telling me that they cannot remember words. Here are some tips to help you!

1. Improving your English requires consistency. There are many ways to say the same thing in English,but when learning how to deal with a new context, it is best to pick one way and remember it. If you mix parts of different phrases together the result may be incomprehensible.
As your English improves, you will be able to add more variety of expressions to your repertoire, but to begin with learn your favorite way to say one thing and stick with it. Master one important and useful set of phrases before building new options.

2. Avoid problem tenses. Another language learning tip is finding ways to avoid difficulties or common problem areas. The English Present Perfect tense can be difficult for non-native speakers of English (for example, the phrase ‘I have been on vacation’).
You can avoid the present prefect tense altogether by using the simple past tense plus a time. For example, ‘I went on vacation last month’.

Be careful with slang
Common slang and idioms are useful to be able to recognize and understand in social situations, but are best avoided in formal situations as they can be inappropriate or even rude when used wrongly. So keep slang words for friends and casual situations.

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