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Tongue twisters. What is that and why do we need it?

2 years ago
As you already understood, today we are going to talk about tongue twisters. Why is it necessary to practice them? Thanks to them, speech becomes clear, correct and expressive! Tongue twisters help to speak beautifully, cleanly, clearly.
How to work with tongue twisters? Try practicing them every day for 10-15 minutes. It is important to pronounce all the words by syllables. First, pronounce the tongue twister soundlessly, then in a whisper, and only then out loud. At first, pronounce the words syllable by syllable slowly, then quickly. Remember, all sounds must be pronounced clearly. You can try to sing a tongue twister, pronounce it in different voices, read it as a poem. The main rule is not to rush, but to pronounce the words clearly. Try it!

Here are some tongue twisters in the Russian language:

1. Мама мыла Милу мылом. Мила мыло не любила.

2. Ехал Грека через реку. Видит Грека в реке рак. Сунул Грека руку в реку. Рак за руку Греку - цап.

3. Карл у Клары укал кораллы, а Клара у Карла украла кларнет. Если бы Карл у Клары не украл кораллы, то Клара у Карла не украла б кларнет.

4. Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала сушку.

5. Кукушка кукушонку купила капюшон.

6. От топота копыт пыль по полю летит.

7. Видели ли вы лилию? Полили ли вы лилию?

8. На дворе трава, на траве дрова. Не руби дрова на траве двора.