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Tuesday's top tips for common English mistakes!

2 года назад
Check out these common mistakes in English and how to correct them!

· Can and can’t – I often have to ask students which one they mean, and here’s why. You would think ‘can’ sounds almost the same as ‘can’t’, but it doesn’t! ‘Can’ has a short ‘a’ as in ‘van’ or ‘fan’. ‘Can’t’ on the other hand has a long ‘a’ as in ‘harm’ or ‘farm’.
· Requests – A common phrase to use when requesting something in English is “do you mind if…?” For example- “do you mind if I sit here?” Some learners will mistakenly answer with “yes” even when they are happy for the person to sit there. The correct answer is, in fact, “no”, because you’re answering the “Do you mind…” part. By saying yes, you’re saying that you do mind because you don’t want them to take the chair!

Happy Tuesday!