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😄 Well done on taking the first step! 💪🏼

Are you a professional, or need English for work, and despite your level still have difficulty expressing yourself clearly? Do you often have a hard time in meetings when you can’t understand others or they can’t understand you? Then, you’re in the right place. You might feel frustrated with not being able to reach a level no matter how much time you spend studying. Perhaps the thought of dealing with telephone calls, interviews, meetings, or presentations in English makes you anxious; you’re in the right place! 🙌🏼

Whether your dream is a promotion, travel, or just feeling more satisfied with your work life, English is what is keeping you from this. Maybe your usual methods such as watching movies or having simple conversations don’t benefit your skills like they used to. Rest assured, you are not the first!

You are here because you need something more. With my help, your colleagues can understand you easily and clearly when you speak in English. You can understand and use English vocabulary, phrases and expressions to better express yourself, and allow you to respond confidently and appropriately. You feel self-assured when participating in meetings in English and can comfortably collaborate and communicate ideas with colleagues. If you have an interview next week, we’ll do mock-interviews. If you have a presentation soon, you’ll practice presenting to me.
Together, we’ll discuss and work on those barriers that hold you back and keep you stuck. We’ll work on those situations in which you feel uncomfortable, and create a safe place for you to practice and build confidence.

Looking to the future, you will secure better, future career opportunities and work relationships.

Before your trial lesson, I will send you a placement test to show me your level and where I can help you improve. During the trial lesson, we will discuss what parts of English you struggle with and put together a plan for your continued improvement.

👱🏼‍♀‍ About me:
I have been teaching English for almost seven years now following my teaching certification, as well as recently completely a Postgraduate certificate in Education.
I initially studied a BSc in Nutrition and still have a keen interest in the field, as someone who is very motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy cookery and spend much of my spare time in the garden (where I also care for my resident garden hedgehog!) 🦔

💡Above all, my lessons are very well-structured so that you can really get the most out of your time. In order for your lessons to be effective and for you to be successful in achieving your goals, it is important that you are committed. That means punctual attendance, self-study and tons of self-motivation!
❓ Got a question? Send me a message.

⚠Please read carefully: Any unattended lessons/ last minute cancellations will be charged for. Thank you for your understanding. 🙏🏼
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2007 - 2010
BSc Nutrition
Manchester Metropolitan University - United Kingdom
Focus on Human Physiology and Nutrition


2017 - 2018
Postgraduate Certification in Education
Sunderland University - United Kingdom
Focus on Primary Education
2011 - 2011
Cambridge University - United Kingdom
Focus on teaching English as a foreign language