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TV Shows for Learning Chinese中文电视节目推荐

2 years ago
My students often ask me to recommend Chinese TV, so I've chosen five Chinese TV shows to share with you today. The first two are for beginners and the last three are for intermediate to advanced level students. All of these TVs you can find on YouTube, and have English subtitles.

1. 《小猪佩奇》 (xiǎozhū pèiqí) Peppa Pig
Many English beginners use this animation to learn English, but in fact, their Chinese version is also very good for learning Chinese, the vocabulary is very basic, and each episode is only 5 minutes, very suitable for beginners.

2. 《爸爸去哪儿》(bàba qù nǎr) Dad where are we going
This is a reality show where celebrity dads take their kids to different places to experience life. Because a lot of the conversations are with the kids, it's easy to understand and the show is very entertaining.

3.《向往的生活》 (xiàngwǎng de shēnghuó)Back to Field
This is also a very good reality show, the celebrities go back to field to experience a different life, each period they'll invite different celebrity guests to come. Their conversations are everyday conversations and its suitable for intermediate and advanced level students.

4. 《都挺好》 (dōu tǐng hǎo) All is well
It's a drama about family, a bit dramatic but also interesting, it can help you understand Chinese family life and Chinese culture, their dialogue is also very daily, suitable for high-level students.

5. 《隐秘的角落》 (yǐnmì de jiǎoluò) The bad kids
If you like suspenseful dramas, then you can watch this one, it's a very popular drama in China last year, with only 12 episodes in total, you can watch it quickly.

Thanks for reading~