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used to VS be used to VS get used to

il y a 2 ans
So, this is one thing that people often find confusing. The differences in meaning and in use between "used to," "be used to" and "get used to".

1. used to
"used to" describes an action we did in the past. Now, we don't do it.

Javi: I _used to_ live in Barcelona, but now I live in Oslo.
Javi lived in Barcelona in the past.
Javi doesn't live in Barcelona now.
Javi lives in Oslo now.

2. be used to
If "am used to" something, it means that I am accustomed to it.

If I were born in Saudi Arabia, I would _be used to_ hot weather.
If I were born in Helsinki, I would _be used to_ cold weather.

3. get used to
"get used to" something is the moment you "become" accustomed to it.

I am from Bangkok – it's hot there. Five years ago, I moved to Glasgow (it is a lot colder in Glasgow than in Bangkok). After three years in Glasgow, I _got used to_ the cold weather.

Javi was born in Barcelona. He _used to_ live there.
Because Javi was born in Barcelona, he _was used to_ hot weather.
Later, Javi moved to Oslo.
At first, he _wasn't used to_ the cold weather.
However, after 6 years he _got used to_ the cold weather.
And now, he _is used to_ the cold weather.

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