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3 years ago
Hi - apologies first of all if this topic has been covered elsewhere, I had a look but couldn't see anything. I have a student who, because he is in China, is apparently unable to access Verbling anymore as his VPN has been blocked. He is requesting that, while continuing to book classes through the Verbling platform, we do the actual lessons on Zoom instead.

I know Verbling's policy is that offline communication is not allowed, and all classes should be done on the Verbling video. But I would like some clarification on this, and to know if exceptions can be made? I have had a number of lessons with this student, and wouldn't like to lose him. I understand and respect Verbling's rules, and have no wish to take students off platform, however is it really the case that Verbling would rather lose a student than give us permission to use a different software? And if exceptions can be made, what is the rule? Do we need to ask permission for each individual student? Can it be left to our discretion to move to other software only once all other possibilities have been exhausted?

I have contacted support directly, but received no response, so I would appreciate an answer to my question from a Verbling support agent. Thanks a lot for your help with this.
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