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Verbling Feature Request

5 years ago
Hi there,
Usually on a service website's forums there is a section for the users to talk about bugs to be fixed or suggest features to be added to the website, but I don't see any section for this here. There should be a section for this, don't you think?
Any I want to mention two tiny issues I have and get your feedback.

1) In the teacher list, for each teacher, it shows which languages they speak and their level with five colored dots. (https://www.verbling.com/find-teachers/portuguese?from=PT&sort=magic&teacherSpeaks=pt)
If the teacher is fluent in the language, this is represented by five blue dots.
For the other levels, between one to four yellow dots.
The thing is that, at least on my screen, the yellow dots are too bright and can't be seen very well on the white background, so perhaps it should be changed to a darker shade, like orange for example. Is it like this on your screen?

2) On the chat box (https://www.verbling.com/messages/) there is a checkbox with the option "Press Enter to send" which is great, however there is a standard followed by most chat services like Skype or Facebook that, even though "press Enter to send" is on by default, you can hold SHIFT to make a paragraph in your message rather than send it, which makes it so you don't to check and uncheck the "press Enter to send" box all the time, and is intuitive because like I said it's a standard of chat services that users are used to.

Let me know what you think, or if this is even the right place to talk about this.