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a year ago
Here is a list of " feeling verbs" in Spanish. I think it is a very useful list, we Spanish speakers make a lot of use of this kind of verbs. Remember that feeling verbs have a particular conjugation, very similar to the conjugation of reflexive verbs, but they are not considered "reflexive verbs".

Verbo de sentimiento: Gustar Verbo reflexivo: lavarse
Me gusta Me lavo
Te gusta Te lavas
Le gusta Se lava
Nos gusta Nos lavamos
Os gusta Os laváis
Les Gusta Se lavan
As you can see, there are some differences between them, right?

The list:
Me da igual: I don’t care
Me da miedo: I’m afraid, I’m scared
Me sorprende: I’m surprised
Me aburre: I’m bored with
Me pone nervioso: It makes me nervous
Me preocupa: It worries me
Me duele: It hurts me, it pains me
Me da pena: I feel sorry for
Me molesta: It annoys me
Me da vergüenza: I’m embarrased, I’m ashamed
Me divierte: It amuses me

Thank you, I hope you like this post