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Vocabulary Boost: Rooms: Living Room

4 years ago
What are typical pieces of furniture in a living room?

  • First, write a list of English words for living room furnishings.
  • Second, compare your list with this list of related vocabulary words.
  • Third, after studying the vocabulary list, see how you do with this test or these flash cards.

And while we're talking about furniture - is "furniture" a countable noun or an uncountable noun? Think about it, then go here for the answer.

What about "furnishings"? When we use this word as a noun, is it always in the plural form? Find the answer here.

What is a living room?

In the US, the living room is the main room where family members and guests gather to talk, watch TV, or play games.

Some families call this room the "family room" or the "great room." Some families have a living room and a family room.

Regardless, the furnishings in all of these rooms are similar.