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Vocabulary: cars and driving

4 years ago
Hi folks!

A student of mine asked me last night to put this together, so this is what I've come up with. It's quite surely far from "comprehensive", so I welcome input from yousall as to what important stuff you can add.

(Competent users of "American English" among yousall: is the word "overtake" something you ever say, or do y'all always, invariably, exclusively, only, solely say "pass"?)
pull out, drive off, tailgate, overtake, cut in, cut up, pull in, pull over, reverse/back up, honk your horn, toot your horn, blow your horn, sound your horn, flash your headlights, let the other car in, change lanes, accelerate, speed up, put your foot down, slow down, brake, do an emergency stop, put on/switch off your hazard-warning lights, put on/switch off your windscreen(Br) / windshield(Am) wipers, put on/switch off your full beam, dip your headlights, indicate left, indicate right, change a flat tyre(Br) / tire(Am), change your oil, fill up the tank, park, skid, pull a wheelie, pop a wheelie, swerve, skid, do a handbrake turn, give way(Br) / yield(Am), stop, run a red light, speed, break the speed limit, get a speeding ticket, get a parking ticket, get breathalyzed, drink and drive, get banned from driving for 6 months, lose your license(Am) / licence(Br), tow a trailer/caravan, ride shotgun,
trunk(Am) / boot(Br), bonnet(Br) / hood(Am), spark plug, dipstick, radiator, head gasket, fanbelt, exhaust(Br) / tailpipe(Am), bumper, hub-cap(Am) / wheel cover(Br), jack, tyre iron, wheel nuts, tyre(Br) / tire(Am), spare tyre/tire, tread, valve, side lights, headlights, indicators, horn, rear-view mirror, wing mirrors(Br) / side mirrors(Am), steering wheel, gear stick(Br) / stick shift(Am) / gear lever(Am) / gear shift(Am), handbrake(Br) / parking brake(Am), accelerator pedal, brake pedal (footbrake), clutch pedal, dashboard, speedo / speedometer, glovebox(Am) / glove compartment(Br), seatbelts, driver's seat, front passenger seat, backseat, backseat driver, electric windows, child lock, central locking, ignition key, left-hand drive, right-hand drive, windscreen(Br) / windshield(Am), wipers, wiper fluid, fenders, doors, cruise control, roofrack, roofbox, license plate(Am) / number plate(Br), license number(Am) / registration number(Br)
tarmac, potholes, drains, inspection-hole cover, roadworks, traffic cones, traffic lights, lanes, bus lane, cycle lane, filter lane, speed bump, no-parking zone, double-yellow lines, red-route, tow-away zone, wheel-clamp, barrier, bollard, traffic warden, parking meter, pavement(Br) / sidewalk(Am), kerb(Br) / curb(Am), traffic signs, streetlights, central reservation, motorway(Br) / freeway(Am), highway(Am) / main road(Br), toll road, toll booth, by-pass, relief road, ring road, arterial road, country lane, cattle grid, single-track road, two-way road/street, one-way street, dual carriageway, pedestrians, jaywalkers, crosswalk(Am) / pedestrian crossing(Br), crossroads, T-junction, Z-bend, blind entrance, accident blackspot, cops(Am) / coppers(Br) / police officers / law-enforcement officers, speed cameras, siren, flashing blue lights, emergency vehicles, firetruck(Am) / fire engine(Br), ambulance, breakdown service, tow truck, hard shoulder, layby, slip road, fast lane, skid marks, roundabout, parking space, parking lot(Am) / carpark(Br), multi-storey carpark(Br) / multi-story parking lot(Am), railroad crossing(Am) / level crossing(Am), petrol station(Br) / gas station(Am), dumpster(Am) / rubbish container(Br)
driving licence(Br), driver's license(Am), penalty points, get a fine, pay a fine, backseat driver, rush hour, road rage, (I'm stuck in a) traffic jam, queues, mobility scooters, motorbikes, mopeds, helmets, station wagon(Am) / estate car(Br), SUV(Am) / 4x4 / 4-wheel drive / all-wheel drive, minivan(Am) / people carrier(Br), truck(Am) / lorry(Br), van, bus, coach, tram, bike, speed limit, speed trap, radar gun, road block, closed road, accident, crash, a pile-up, a head-on collision, knock someone over, a hit-and-run, a road hog, poor visibility, fog/mist, torrential rain, a light shower, heavy wind, strong gales, gusts of wind, exhaust fumes, air pollution, noise pollution, take the scenic route, take a short-cut, take the long-way round, flag someone down, rev your engine,
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