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Vocabulary motivation.

3 years ago
Learning language and vocabulary through music.

Let’s be honest we all have our moments where the daunting task of having to study vocabulary just seems like a distant but vague memory and getting back to fluency and using the language naturally is just frustrating.

Dopamine is a feel-good chemical released by the brain. This chemical is directly involved in motivation as well as addiction. Dopamine is released when listening to music at the peak moment of a song.
I have heard it said “People don’t sing because they are happy. They are happy because they sing.” Goeth.

Using music as a resource for lowering language filters can be highly beneficial. When listening to music we use two forms of learning and the repetition of words and songs, we use assists in the storing of vocabulary in our active state.

Some impressive facts on music…
-Music uses both the left and right sides of your brain simultaneously.
-Music can activate emotional, motor and creative areas of the brain.
-Playing music regularly will physically alter your brain structure.

When teaching vocabulary to children we often do this by incorporating song and dance, yet as adults, we tend to forget the benefits of using these methods.
Keep in mind there is a method to the madness when using music for language and vocabulary. Make sure after you have listened to a song you get the lyrics (words, poem or verse). This exercise will assist in how well you listen, often you will find that you heard one thing, but the lyrics say something else, listening to the detail is of importance.
Once you have clarity on the lyrics start to sing along, no excuses are good enough, this can be done in so many places and if you can’t sing that well, don’t be discouraged most of the people around you feel the same way.
Sing in traffic, lip-sync if you need, Karaoke or sing in the shower.

Choosing the right song.
-Start with a slow song, with a clear voice. If you can get past the fact that mostly every song is a loves song you should be just fine.
-As you progress you can adjust your speed to a song and start to incorporate different accents.

A 2007 study found that listening to music triggers the human brain to recall.
Its time we start to recall the benefits of learning through song and have some fun singing along.
Have a Verbtastic time singing a song.