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Vowels Sounds, Long, Short, Other, and Schwa - Series 1

5 years ago

English Vowel Sounds - Part 1 of 5

A single vowel letter can represent different vowel sounds: hat [hæt], hate [heit], all [o:l], art [a:rt], any [‘eni].

The same vowel sound is often represented by different vowel letters in writing: [ei] they, weigh, may, cake, steak, rain.

Vowel sounds are divided into the following three categories:
Long vowels (vowels that sound like the letter name)
Short vowels (the most common sound for a single vowel spelling)
Other vowels (the remaining vowel sounds)

The terms “long” and “short” are not describing the length of time a vowel sound is held or said
aloud. Rather, they are labels used to differentiate the long and short vowel sounds.

I have constructed key word vowel charts that show the key word, or quick reference word, for each vowel sound. In Part 2 of this series (tomorrow) I will provide a link to my Vowel Key Word Charts, free for you to download.

Key words are used because vowel sounds are easier to hear within a word than when they are spoken in isolation.

Memorizing key words allows easier comparison between different vowel sounds.

All vowel sounds are voiced, meaning that the vocal cords (also known as vocal folds)vibrate while creating the sound.

In Series 2, tomorrow, we will talk more about Long Vowel Sounds.

Vowels Sounds, Long, Short, Other and Schwa, is excerpted from my book, American English - Ready Set Go. This 5 Part Series written in simple easy to understand English will give you a good foundation in understanding American English vowel sounds.

So, stay tuned to Mentor Josephan's, Vowels Sounds, Long, Short, Other, and Schwa.
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