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Ways to say "first of all" en Español ✌👍

2년 전
A student from Russia recently asked me how to say 'first of all' in Spanish, and it struck me as something that I hadn't really thought about that often, especially since there are so many alternatives for it 😮

As a native Spanish speaker from Paraguay 🇵🇾🇵🇾, I would say 'primero que nada', 'antes que nada' or simply 'primero', but looking into it a bit more, I came across many other possibilities, such as 'primeramente', 'antes de nada' and 'ante todo'.

So I would like to know, from all of you Spanish learners and speakers out there, how would you say it? Do you have a favorite among these translations, or do you know others? 🤔🤔