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What are aspects of English culture / values that you like?

5 years ago
Here is a wonderful list of some amazing English values. How much do you agree with this? Hollywood portrayal of the English may leave you with a different idea of the English, possibly not representing what these people are really about.

Are the English more courageous, truthful, honorable and faithful than other national cultures? I don't know. What I do know is that I was born there, I've read English Literature and I think there is a great tradition and noble value system which you can see in that literature, going back to the great works of Shakespeare and the King James Bible. The English whether they admit it or not have these values in abundance.

I'm giving some fine words for my country, whatever it may be now, the cultural works are with us today as evidence of the greatness of the English. If you can get past the stereotypes, you'll find a beautiful culture of respect and dignity. If I may say so myself.