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What are the good ways to learn Chinese characters?

2 years ago
For many people, the difficulty of Chinese lies in Chinese characters. There are so many Chinese characters that are difficult to write and memorize. However, if you do not learn Chinese characters, you cannot improve your Chinese. What should I do?

In fact, there are many simple and efficient ways to learn Chinese characters.
This is a box of creative Chinese character cards, which covers more than 600 commonly used Chinese characters (not only simple single characters, but also complex combined characters), which can meet the literacy requirements of Chinese learners of different levels.
Each card is accompanied by a well-designed picture to help students form an image memory of the shape of Chinese characters. At the same time, the meaning and pinyin of the Chinese characters are presented in each picture to achieve the perfect combination of sound-form-meaning.

For example, the character "็Œซ" seems a bit complicated. Let's take a look at the picture above. On the left is a cat. It has a head, a body, four legs, and a tail. The upper part on the right is the fence of the park, and the lower part is the grass in the park. The grass is field-shaped. We imagine a cat lying next to the park basking in the sun. By matching the Chinese character with the image, do you remember the Chinese character now?
Learning does not have to be rote, it can be easy and fun! There are many ways to learn, as long as it suits you, it is the best!