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What are your thoughts on polygamy?

5 years ago
In the United States this is looked negatively upon, but there are some communities which practice polygamy.  Additionally, there are some people who have "open marriages" meaning they are able to have intimate relationships with people other than their husband/wife as long as agreed upon rules are followed.

I always pride myself on the fact I'm not judgmental, nor do I look down upon the lifestyle choices of others.  If people are happy and if they treat others with respect, then who am I to pass judgment on their personal choices?  As a happily married woman, I don't personally understand either of these practices, but I also try not to judge them.  My husband and I are in a monogamous relationship and we would never enter into any type of practice that allows other people into our lives.  But if other people are in agreement and free to choose this type of lifestyle, then I don't believe I have any right to condemn them just because I don't live the same lifestyle.

What are your thoughts?  In your country, is this acceptable in the eyes of society?