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What is the cheesiest idiom or phrase you know? *also what is "cheesy?"

2 months ago
The adjective cheesy

Definition number 3 is the one we need.

Cheesy means banal or trite.
"What is banal or trite" I hear you ask.

It's something that is repeated too many times and becomes so common, it sounds a bit embarrassing, because it is unoriginal. It is something that unoriginal people say and often without real sincerity.

To summarize, "cheesy" is bad taste, it's what everyone says without sincerity, it's embarrassing, it's dumb. If the feelings are sincere, it is simply a dumb phrase because you can't think of something original.

Examples of cheesy phrases in my opinion could include


it's raining cats and dogs
it takes one to know onw
hold your horses
a piece of cake

romantic phrases, songs, poems, pickup lines.

This one is actually clever, but ultimately cheesy.