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What is the funniest and/or most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you during a lesson?

5 anos atrás
I have heard so many funny stories from fellow teachers (and also my students) regarding embarrassing moments during lessons, so I'm curious if any of you have entertaining stories to share as well?

I think perhaps the best advice I can give to someone just starting out in their language journey is to not take yourself too serious. You will make mistakes, your teacher will make mistakes, and it's important to laugh it off and keep moving forward.

I had a student who was telling me a story and for several minutes he proceeded to tell me how constipated he was. I was listening and being understanding, but then I quickly realized he wasn't actually constipated but was simply using the wrong word for his story! When I politely corrected him, we both started laughing NON-STOP because it was so funny!

I don't know about you, but I live for moments like these. I enjoy the little mistakes and funny misunderstandings (whether language or cultural based), because it's a great reminder that we are all HUMAN and learning/teaching a new language should be fun!

So please, share some of your funny stories so others here on Verbling can see that they aren't alone in their "constipation" :) hahaha