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What is your favourite Vietnamese word?

6 years ago
Vietnamese is one of the most speaking languages in the world - we are more than 92 million people. Luckily we have the Latin alfabet like English and Spanish so you can write it easier than other Asian languages such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese or Korean; and the tones and pronunciation are quite similar to Chinese pinyin so you can practice both at the same time if you would like to learn more than one Asian language.

For me, I like the word ¨ơi¨ as you can put it after the names or personal pronouns to call for attention of somebody, instead of saying ¨Hey¨, ¨Excuse me¨ or only the name like in English. Use ¨em ơi¨ to call your Vietnamese girlfriend and you will see that she will turn back to you very fast. It is a powerful word.

The second word I like is ¨đi¨ you can combine with verbs easily:
1. Đi + verb = go to do sth (for example: đi học - go to study, đi làm - go to work)
2. Verb + đi = give an order to sb (for example: học đi - please learn, làm đi - please work).

Hope that we will see in our classes to discover more the beauty of Vietnamese!!!

See you soon and good luck with your language study!