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What is your ideal, dream, motivation?

4 years ago

What is your ideal, dream, motivation?

This is a question which is not asked too often.

My ideals and dreams are to do with perspective and seeing the world afresh. I look for my motivation as a higher power, one which is above the nitty gritty of daily life, security and survival.

I've met many people over the last year and I am grateful to have had my perspective refreshed. I feel like my ideal is closer each day with every new person I talk to and teach.

When I wake up in the morning I am a realist, I work all day planning and preparing and dealing with practical issues. However, I've always had a dream. And it's not often I reflect on it.

What is your ideal / dream? Do you have one?

This picture illustrates my ideal, it's natural, the tree symbolizes growth, there is light and freedom, and the mountain signifies being able to see clearly and getting a bigger perspective.