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What works better for you?

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Different learning styles require different teaching approaches. So, what works better for you?

Structured lesson planning or relaxed conversation?

Memorizing grammar and vocabulary or leaning them in context?

Learning on your own or having a good teacher coaching you along your learning process?

Building rapport with our students should be any teacher’s first step - chemistry in the relationship, you might say - is essential, and it is part of our job to work on that, to learn how to reach out to each particular student and be able to help them in the learning process. Studying languages, linguistics and teaching techniques, yes. We teachers certainly need to study a lot, get specific training, read, become as educated and knowledgeable as possible.
And then reflect on how each person learns and how they can benefit from our class so that they can learn better, learn more and receive from us -the teachers- not only pieces of knowledge and advice, but also guidelines on how to keep learning on their own, enjoying it, thriving on it.

If you want to have an enjoyable learning experience and improve your fluency, please do not hesitate to contact me here and take a trial lesson. See you soon!

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