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What would you choose for the 1 question and why?

5 years ago
"If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s shopping. We love shopping in the States, and we have huge shopping malls which are designed for two (1) ... : to give us the greatest possible (2)... of things to buy, and to separate us from our money. But we like to be relaxed when we go shopping, so the (3)... are there to help us choose if we need it, but they don’t usually (4)... us unless we’re (5)... confused. (6) ... in small stores, the price is always clearly marked on the product, and that’s the price you pay. Sometimes, like at Christmas, the assistants will (7) ... our presents in special seasonal wrapping paper, but usually they just put things in a bag. And at supermarkets, grocery assistants don’t wrap groceries up individually, they usually put them all in large, brown paper bags, (8)... to take a lot of groceries. The assistants are always friendly and make (9) ... about the weather and things like that, and then as we (10)..., they usually say goodbye and “Have a nice day!"
1. A aims В purposes C intentions D plans
I don’t know. As for me both “A aims” and “В purposes” are fine. But I have to choose only one answer.
2. A interest В opportunity C amounts D choice
3. A staff В customers C workers D employers
4. A annoy B bother C help D wait on
My intuition says that “B bother” is better.
5. A seeming B appearing C being D looking
6. A However B In fact C Even D But
No idea
7. A cover B wrap C decorate D keep
B wrap
8. A strong enough B enough strong C enough strength D strongly even
9. A chat B speeches C small talk D gossip
10. A left B arrive C will leave D leave