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Writing with Ryan - Write a letter to complain about terrible service!

4 years ago
Practising your writing is a great way improve your grammar because you can see HOW you put your sentences together and make corrections easily. Writing things down also helps expand your vocabulary and remember it more easily because you are using your own words to express something.

So, Do you want to opportunity to practice your writing outside of class and get better at English?

Respond to this situation and I'll give you constructive feedback so you can improve your writing skills.

You are not happy about a service you received a couple of days ago from a company and you have decided to complain about it.

Write a letter to the company to complain about the poor service you received from its employee. In your letter, express:
  • why you went to the shop/office
  • how the employees behaved to offend you
  • what you expect the company to do
Write at least 150 words.

You can use my example for some ideas

To the customer support manager

I am writing this letter to let you know about a terrible experience I had in one of your stores last week. I had made an appointment to consult a representative about changing my internet plan as I need a faster connection for my work but I left feeling disgruntled and the representative was unhelpful and met none of my needs.

Firstly, when I arrived I was informed that the representative who was scheduled to see me was busy with another client. Normally this would not be a problem, I understand your stores are very busy at times however I booked a meeting to avoid this situation. Furthermore, the representative took more than 30 minutes to attend me! I would not worry if it was less than 10 minutes but 30 minutes is too long.

Secondly, once the attendant became available to see me, he advised me that he could not help because he had not had training in this area! You can imagine how frustrated I was when I heard this, it is unacceptable because when I made the reservation I made my needs clear. Due to my experience in this store, I have since changed my internet provider to one that was able to help me on the spot but I wanted to let you know so that changes could be made to your systems.

I hope you take my experience and learn from it by changing the internal systems because this could be a serious inconvenience to other customers and your company may lose further business.

Yours sincerely

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