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Znasz starą polską komedię “Kiler”?

2 months ago
This week I have another news for you from the Polski Daily website!

Kiler, so “The Killer” or “The Hitman” is one of the best Polish crime – comedy of all! The movie was directed in 1997 by Juliusz Machulski, a really good Polish film creator. It’s a story of a taxi driver named Jerzy Kiler – Jurek for his friends (starring the great Cezary Pazura) - who is mistaken for a notorious mercenary killer who just murdered a gangster and tries to hopelessly prove his innocence. He’s being chased by the police as well as by the mafia, and above all that, there is a great sum of money to be taken!

The movie was a tremendous commercial success in Poland (with over 2 million people seeing it, which was an enormous amount at that time in Poland!) The movie has been remembered also due to the fact that it let Polish people get over a fear of the crazy blossoming crime rate in Poland that we had straight after the political transformation and entering democracy. “Kiler” has been named a film that put an end to the gangster genre popularity in Polish cinematography.

As today it’s quite an old movie, you can watch it all on YouTube and I’d like to strongly encourage you to do so! And when you already see „Kiler”, I have another piece of good news! A year after its premier, in 1998, the sequel has been released - “Kilerów Dwóch” (“Two Kilers”)! In my opinion, the sequel is even funnier than the first movie, which normally happens rather rarely, so I recommend even stronger that you watch it! ;)