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My name is Steve Gilbert and I am a Native English speaker. I am a United States citizen and have resided in both New York and Houston, Texas for over 45-years.

DID YOU KNOW: That by investing in yourself as little as ONE class each week, you could improve your lifetime opportunities and become fluent in English???? If interested now, please read on.......

IELTS and English Fluency Testing: This scoring process measures individual fluency levels using a score between zero and nine. Areas tested in IELTS Centers include Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Competency in these areas are critical in many cases for United States Immigration, University entrance, and Job Interviews in English. I am certified to support student preparation in the IELTS arena with an emphasis on speaking. During class sessions, mock questions similar to those used in Speaking Phases 1, 2, and 3 are explored offering practice.

Conversational English: The vast majority of my students do NOT want to study English. They are most interested in speaking the language. So, whether your interest is for personal conversation or work related English speaking requirements, our practicing together will support your learning goals!

TEFL Certification: I am TEFL Certified and provide classes to all learners including beginner, intermediate, and advanced English levels. Young learners between the ages of 5 years and ten years are always welcome.

Business English: In my working over 40-years in retail management, I am fully competent in working with English learners in Business English.

Human Resources: I am Human Resources certified in all hiring and interview processes in English. In addition, I can support the creation of new or updates of resumes in accordance with currently accepted formats. I make certain you are prepared to present your credentials to any prospective employer in a favorable manner!

Lets schedule a class today and together begin your journey to learn English. New "Doors of Opportunity" await YOU! When ordering your multi-pack classes, your rate is discounted off the regular one-class rate. Take advantage of YOUR savings opportunity!

Trial Sessions: Currently not offering trial sessions given a rather full calendar. However, this is evaluated on a month-by-month basis.

See you in a class soon!
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IELTS Pre-Test Trainer
Bridge Education Group - Denver, Colorado
IELTS practice prior to formal testing. Employment, Immigration, and College interview.
2019 - 2019
TEFL Certification
Bridge Education Group - Denver, Colorado United States
Fundamentals of On-Line Teaching / Currently in Advanced Education Program