The New Year’s holidays in Russia - how was it?

The New Year’s holidays in Russia

New Year’s and Christmas holidays finished and let’s see how was it in Russia! How do people usually celebrate these holidays and what do they usually say to each other.

1) 31 December – 01 January New Year’s eve – Новый год
As everywhere in the world Russian people usually celebrate this holiday in the family circle or with friends. We cook traditional Russian dishes and salads, drink champagne and some people drink vodka We set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year. We watch New Year’s movies and concert on TV. After we like to go out in the center of the city to see the central square where usually are the decorated Christmas tree and the ice-run for the kids.

What do usually people say at these days?
C новым годом! s novym godom – Happy New Year!
Cчастливого Нового года! schastlivogo novogo goda - a glad New Year!
Я желаю тебе здоровья и счастья! – ya zhelayu tebe zdorovya i schastya – I wish you health and happiness!

2) 7th January – Christmas – Рождество
Most of Russians are orthodox Christians and they celebrate Christmas by the old calendar – 7th January instead of 25th December. Usually some people go to the church for the evening and night liturgy, some of them just stay at home and have a celebratory dinner or go to the restaurants.

People in Russia have holidays and they don’t work till 9th January (depends of the calendar) and all the offices are closed. This long period Russians go on a visit to each other and see the family’s members. The make presents, go out, go for the ski and the trips.

What do usually people say at the Christmas?
C Рождеством! s rozhdestvom - Merry Christmas!

On the first working day after the holidays people usually continue to say to the colleagues “C Новым годом!» and “С прошедшими праздниками!” -Happy belated!

Also they ask each other how did they spend holidays – Как у тебя прошли праздники? kak u tebya proshli prazdniki – How did your holidays pass?
Как ты отметил праздники? kak ty otmetil prazdniki– How did you celebrate the holidays?

And also – С первым рабочим днём! s pervym rabochim dnem – Happy first working day!

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