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Hello, my name is Mary. I was born in the UK in England and I'm a native speaker with a British accent. I'd love to be your teacher and help you improve your language skills. I have an accredited TEFL teaching certificate and 4 years plus experience teaching English. I have taught over 4300 classes online. I'm enthusiastic, patient, and very encouraging! For those interested in Art, I have a Master's degree in Fine Art. I lived in New York for 25 years and I used to work at the Museum of Modern Art. I've traveled extensively and am currently living in France so I definitely know what it is like to live in new cultures and how challenging it can be to learn a new language! Learning English with me is fun and relaxed, let me help you to improve your fluency!

I like to focus on conversation, pronunciation, and intonation. I also teach basic grammar in context and practical, functional phrases that will help you to speak confidently in everyday life situations. A lot of my students want to work on their fluency. I also have helped many students get good jobs because they were well-prepared for their interviews. I have been teaching here on Italki for more than 3 years and have watched students move from low levels to advanced, have a look at some of my testimonials! You will be amazed how much progress you can make working one one-on-one with a native. I am going to help you become more confident in your speaking!

My lessons are fun and relaxed and I always work with engaging material. I often send YouTube videos or worksheets on a particular topic in advance so that you come to class well-prepared with vocabulary and ideas. When we meet for the first time I'll assess your level and we can decide what you want to focus on. I constantly adapt our sessions according to your needs and personal preferences. I offer conversation practice classes where we discuss engaging topics using videos, I also offer interview and presentation preparation for business students, and basic grammar and well-structured lessons for lower-level students with lots of speaking practice!

General English
This course is suitable for lower-level students or more advanced students who want to improve their grammar and learn more advanced vocabulary. We will be working with pre-prepared documents and videos and you will get lots of opportunities to talk and express your ideas. These are fun classes working with up-to-date and engaging material. We will be focusing on grammar, sentence structure, how to make and ask questions, pronunciation, and fluency. I also provide grammar videos and useful links to other online learning websites and podcasts.

Conversation practice
This is my most popular class giving you the opportunity to really work on your conversation skills while working on in-depth topics.
For lower-level students, we will work on basic topics. You will be given useful vocabulary, phrases, and questions to think about before the class. This is a fun, relaxed class. We will be focusing on grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. I also provide grammar videos and useful links to other online learning websites and podcasts.
For upper intermediate to advanced students: I will provide you with a list of up-to-date topics for you to choose from that we will discuss together. You will be sent one or more videos on each topic to watch in advance of our class. Focus will be on pronunciation, using more advanced vocabulary and natural phrases, and working towards fluency. We can also work on stress and intonation. You will gain confidence in speaking about new topics in a clear and in-depth way and will be given the opportunity to express your ideas in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This is a fun class.

Interview or presentation preparation
This is an intensive course for students wanting to prepare for either an interview or a professional presentation.
For work interviews: You're going to nail that interview! We will spend time working on all the typical and more difficult questions that you might be asked at your interview and will work on how best to answer in a direct and powerful manner. We will role-play interviews and can work on your English resume or CV. You're going to feel really confident and well-prepared going into your English interview! I have had a 100% success rate with my students and some of them have landed amazing jobs and have upped their business communication skills. Practice makes perfect.
For presentation practice: You will be given the opportunity to rehearse and revise your presentation making it sound natural, coherent, and strong. We can also look at the best way to deal with questions and answers. I am very patient and encouraging and can build up your confidence. I have had some really great results working with students in this area. You are going to go into your presentation feeling confident, organized, and well-prepared. Practice makes perfect!


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British English



2016 - 2018
Intensive French Language
Alliance Française - Bordeaux and Toulouse
French as a Foreign Language
2018 - 2018
TEFL Toulouse - France
Teach English as a Foreign Language
1993 - 1995
Masters in Fine Art
Hunter College - NYC
MFA in Fine Art and Art History
1989 - 1992
B.A. Fine Art
Chelsea College of Art - London
Contemporary Art

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2012 - 2015
Museum Preparator
Self employed - New York
Looking after Museum Collections
2015 - 0
English Teacher
Self employed - France
Teaching English as a Second Language

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