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Currently having a DISCOUNT from the original rate of $65 per hour to $52 per hour ($45 for 10 lessons) due to the pandemic! Meet me and learn Cantonese together by taking a 30-minutes FREE trial :)

Born and raised: Hong Kong
Current location: Philadelphia, PA, US

 Fun and interactive teaching style
 Effective and conversational lessons
 Learning through reading conversational articles
 A summarised audio & PDF to be delivered to you after class
 Practise makes perfect!


As I come from Hong Kong, I am a native Cantonese speaker with over 5 years of private tutoring experience internationally. I have an interactive and versatile teaching style. Our 60-minutes class can be intensive and challenging, but also fun, conversational, and interesting. I love playing GAMES at the end of the lesson, to test your memory and vocabulary.

Other than grammar and textbooks, I find reading and learning from stories and newspaper articles help me to develop not only communication skills but also a good range of vocabulary. Feel free to send me recordings or questions you have after class so that you could continue to practice on your way to school or work.

Any questions, let me know!

See you soon XD

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Here are some questions students asked during the trial lesson:

1. What is your teaching style for the different age groups?
 Teenagers: They love challenging games and fewer "theories". I will provide them with useful vocabularies, so that they can make simple sentences which also increase their motivations and confidence during the learning journey. At the end of the lesson, we will play games that test their vocabularies and speaking ability, such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Five-in-a-Row, Spot the Differences, etc.
 Adults: Similar to teenagers, logics and theories help adults to learn effectively. Reading stories and daily conversations (dining, checking in, asking for directions, etc) can definitely help them to use the vocabulary learned in daily lives. I am also sure, no one hates games, we will also play some games at the end of the lesson. We are always learning and will never be bored XD
 Advanced learner: Let me know if you would like to improve your interview skills, vocabulary in certain areas (marketing, psychology, business) ...
 Most of my students have strong motivations in learning a language, either (1) their significant half comes from Hong kong, (2) children who have moved to the US / Canada with their parents, (3) ABC who would like to improve their accent, (4) Mandarin speaker who would like to seek job opportunities in Hong Kong, or (5) business / interviewing purposes...

2. How many hours should I take per week?
With a busy work life, finding the time to commit to a new language can be a challenge in itself. It usually takes around 3 months (3 lessons per week + revision) to finish the beginner course, meaning you then can have a simple conversation with native speakers (when you come to Hong Kong XD). I will say, practicing and memorising are more important than simply paying for the lesson.
I am currently also learning Spanish because I am looking forward to going to Mexico and Peru again. I am hoping to be able to talk to the locals about cultural differences and other fun stuffs, but not only the weather or seeking help. Therefore I understand your difficulties when learning a new language.
The skills gained from practicing a new language is like superpower in the workplace and beyond.

First step: Join the FREE trial lesson. So that I could meet you in person :)

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2015 - 2018
Dual Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing AND Media, Communications and Culture
University of Keele - Manchester
2013 - 2015
GCE A-Level in United Kingdom
Bilborough College - Nottingham

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Private Tutor in English, Chinese and Mathematics
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