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Alex Lee

6:13 AM (GMT+08:00)
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3 267


Portuguese (Brazilian)

About Me

❇️ Fluent English and Japanese speaker, avid language learner
❇️ Expertise in Mandarin teaching for 6 years
❇️ Taught 3000+ lessons, 300+ students
❇️ Lessons are fun and easy with cultural insights!


Happy learners are successful.

I am in business to provide a positive, cheerful and stimulating environment for adults to learn Mandarin, where all learners can enjoy their learning, achieve their goals, and eventually become independent life-long learners.


💪 My Specialities

・Oral Expression (free talk, accent reduction, interviews, presentations, free speech, etc.)
・Reading Comprehension
・Bilingual Comparison (grammar differences, word choices, slangs, translations, etc.)
・Intercultural Communication (cultural differences, customs, history)
・Etymology in Traditional Characters
・Travel Planner
・Taiwanese Tea Culture


💡 What I can provide

→ Taiwanese Mandarin

→ Support in all levels!
I teach students in different levels. If you are not sure what level you are in, we can have a trial lesson to know it better! You will have a detailed report after the trial lesson, with your strength, weakness and some suggestions on how I can help you better.

→ Customized lessons
Feel free to send any request, questions, or anything you would like to know via Message in the Verbling platform. I will discuss with you and make a customized plan for your request. It would be great if you have already known what you would like to learn (e.g. skills in listening/reading/writing/speaking, test preps, or any certain topics you want to learn about Mandarin and/or Taiwanese/Chinese culture).

→ Explanations in Mandarin, English or Japanese


📖 Courses

・Textbooks in all levels, from zero to hero!
・Free chats/discussions in all levels
・Reading and writing exercises
・Pinyin go-through and accent reductions
・... or any other customized lessons for you!


Hi, this is Alex from Taiwan!

Through my experience of learning foreign languages, not only just the language itself but also did I understand that learning culture is also an important subject to immerse, thus I provide various kinds of lessons about Mandarin, including conversation practices, intercultural communication, reading comprehension, even calligraphy, etc. It all depends on what you want to learn, and I will try best to teach!

I have taught over 6 years, met 700+ students from 40+ countries. Also, I have experience in private tutoring and employee comprehensive training in industries.

My major in my university is applied foreign languages, specializing in English, linguistics and SLA (Second Language Acquisition) theories. I also studied in Japan as an exchange student for 1 year. Although my current job is not related to Mandarin education, I am now working as a Mandarin teacher as my side business, a content blogger and a Chinese calligrapher too.

I see myself a delightful, light-hearted, and fun person. My teaching styles vary but they all mean to be fun, stress-free and meaningful. Come and join a lesson with me!


⛔️ Disclaimers

・Sorry that I do not accept students below 18 years old for the time being, due to my methodology and teaching styles.
・I speak Taiwanese Mandarin, that means there are some wordings, expressions, grammatical rules which are slightly different from Chinese Mandarin. If your goal is to learn Chinese Mandarin (e.g. running a business in China, job hunting in China), I would recommend you find another Chinese teacher from China.


If you have any questions about Mandarin, I'm glad to help. Feel free to send me messages!

Looking forward to seeing you online. Thank you!



💡 FAQ 💡

➡️ Mandarin? Isn’t it just “Chinese”?
In my point of view, I would say Mandarin is a language under “Sinitic languages” (or commonly called “Chinese languages”), a neighbor of Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hakka, Taiwanese (Hokkien) and other languages spoken in Chinese world, thus it is called “Mandarin Chinese” or “Mandarin” for short. I see Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hakka, Taiwanese (Hokkien) independent languages since their mutual intelligibilities are not that high.

There are at least 2 main viewpoints about this issue - one stating Mandarin is a dialect of Chinese language, while the other one stating Mandarin is more of a language in Chinese languages, and it is still under discussion and debates among linguists… so I would step a bit aside and let the pros do their jobs, but just sharing my take here.

➡️ OK, what exactly is “Taiwanese Mandarin”?
Just like English - there are some regional differences in American, British, Australian, South African and other English around the world - Mandarin is no exception, so Taiwanese Mandarin is a kind of Mandarin which is being widely used in Taiwan.

➡️ Should I learn traditional characters or simplified ones?
When deciding whether to learn traditional or simplified characters, it's important to consider your goals. If you plan to live in mainland China or communicate primarily with people from China, learning simplified characters may be more practical as they are the standard in modern Chinese communication.

However, if you plan to study classical Chinese literature or communicate with people from Taiwan or Hong Kong, learning traditional characters may be more beneficial.
Additionally, it's worth noting that while simplified characters are easier to learn and write, traditional characters often have more intricate meanings and can convey a deeper understanding of the language. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal goals and preferences.
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My trial lessons

In this trial lesson, you can expect these:
1. Brief self-introduction
2. Warm talks in either English or Mandarin to know you better
3. Discussion on your goals in learning Mandarin
4. Discussion on your curriculum & materials
5. Q&A Time!

Also, feel free to share your thoughts, questions, concerns or doubts about any of the items above with me here, we can discuss a bit before we dive into the trial lesson.
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2012 - 2018
B.A. Foreign Languages Studies
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - Yunlin County, Taiwan
Focus in language education, culture studies and Mandarin teaching
2014 - 2015
Short-Term Exchange Program
University of Ryukyus - Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Focus in Japanese and culture studies

briefcaseWork Experience

2017 - 2018
Part-Time Mandarin Teacher
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - Yunlin, Taiwan
Operating classes for local foreign residents
2016 - 2018
Mandarin Teacher
Polyglot Foreign Language Solutions - Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Operated Mandarin courses for adults and cooperate training programs


Japanese-Language Proficiency
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association - Taichung