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SungIl Kim

map_pinSouth Korea
10:53 PM (GMT+07:00)



About Me

Hi? I'm teacher SI who teaches Korean in a fun and enjoyable way. Currently, I am having a pleasant and useful time with students at foreign universities and online.

I majored in Korean linguistics in graduate school and hold a level 2 Korean language teaching certificate. I have grown into a Korean language expert with over 10 years of rich experience. 😊

Through overseas volunteer work that began in 2004, I experienced the local culture and language in various countries and gained a deep understanding of the difficulties of learning a foreign language.

Based on this, I am constantly thinking about ways to help students effectively acquire language and making various attempts.

I came to the conclusion that the core of learning is ‘fun.’ If you have been learning Korean in a heavy and rigid atmosphere, how about now having fun learning together while laughing?

If you speak Korean with me during class, your Korean skills will naturally improve before you know it. Class time will go by quickly!

I will help you improve your Korean skills through fun and enjoyable classes. Let’s go on a fun journey together until the day you build your confidence in Korean and become more proficient!
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My trial lessons

Hi? During my trial class, I will talk about your goals, requirements, etc., Evaluate your current Korean language skills, and then show you my teaching style through a taster class. Please share your thoughts about the preview course with me and decide whether you want to continue learning Korean with me. Feel free to book a trial class with me at any time. We will create a fun and enjoyable class.
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Teacher Stats

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2007 - 2009
M.A. Korean Linguistics
ChungNam National University - Daejeon, Korea
I majored Korean Linguistics at the graduate school and my specialty is Korean Grammar.

briefcaseWork Experience

2020 - 2020
Korean Instructor
Eton Institute - Dubai, UAE
I taught Korean to UAE students online.
2019 - 2020
Korean Instructor at Korean Language Center in Vietnam
Seoul Haiphong Korean Language Center - Haiphong, Vietnam
I taught Korean to Vietnamese students who wanted to enter the Korean universities in Vietnam.
2018 - 2018
Offline Korean Tutor in Korea
Tutoring - Daejeon, Korea
I tutored Korean to French software engineer offline in Korea.
2015 - 2015
Korean Instructor at Thai university in Thailand
Burapha University - Chonburi, Thailand
I taught Korean to Thai university students at department of Korean language in Thailand.
2014 - 2015
Korean Instructor at King Sejong Institute Foundation - Hanoi in Vietnam
King Sejong Institute, Hanoi - Hanoi, Vietnam
I taught Korean to Vietnamese university students, employees and marriage immigrants at King Sejong Institute in Vietnam.
2009 - 2011
Korean Teacher at elementary-middle school in Uzbekistan
Fergana Elementary-Middle School of Foreign Languages - Fergana, Uzbekistan
I taught Korean to Uzbek local people as a Korean Teacher of Korea Overseas Volunteer(KOICA)
2008 - 2008
Korean Instructor at the university in Korea
Kongju Communication Arts College - Kongju, Korea
I taught Korean to Chinese students at the college.
2005 - 2006
Korean Teacher as a volunteer
SEM International - Daejeon, Korea
I taught Korean to foreigners who stayed in Korea as scientists or engineers.


2008 - 2008
Korean Teacher's Certificate
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Korea - Seoul, Korea
Korean Teacher