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Hi! My name is Rebecca! English is my family languague and I have spoken it at home ever since I was a child! Therefore, I teach English at all levels!

I lived in the state of Michigan as a teenager, having studied at that time in Middle School. Now living in Rio de Janeiro, I have had much experience teaching private English and Portuguese classes in Germany, then teaching English and German both privately and at a language school.

Having taught at a language school I learned teaching methods, but having given private classes I learned that each person has a specific need and that I should adapt to that, not the other way around! In the post Method era, there is no such thing as one single language learning method that applies to everyone.

Cognition is the capacity that each person has of obtaining, storing, transforming and applying knowledge. As neuropsychology has discovered the different types of cognition that each person can have, I try to identify the cognitive characteristics that are most present in each student in order to identify the most effective ways of teaching them, according to the main cognitive groups below:

Visuals: As the name itself says, visuals learn better when methods applied stimulate the vision. For these students I target the use of illustrations, pictures, movies, tables, organograms, etc;
Auditory: Auditory people learn more easily listening, so I really stress conversation, the use of music, podcasts, listen-and-fill-in-the-blanks exercises;
Kinesthetic: This is the cognitive type in which people that learn best when stimulated through experiences and sensations

The student can have one of these learning styles or a mixture of them. So after applying a test to identify their learning cognitive abilities, I develop a set of lesson and study plans that are the most adequate for the good flow of the classes, the student’s involvement with them, his knowledge retention and consequently the achievement of better learning results!

I also stimulate the student to make as many associations as possible to other subjects within the English language as well as to their personal experience in order to better fixate what they are learning, that is, to learn inductively. I work my hardest to get to know my student and teach a class that is interesting to them and that meets their needs the best. Learning should be fun! Especially when you just got back from a long, hard day.

So, book a class for us to be able to learn with each other while you improve your English and still have fun in the process!
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2015 - 2019
B.A. Economics
Maringá State University (UEM) - Maringá, Brazil
Ongoing Bachelor in Economics
2012 - 2013
Fachoschule Osnabrück - Osnabrück, Alemanha
Exchange program in International Business Management
2006 - 2007
West Middle School - Ypsilanti, Michigan

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2016 - 2017
German Center for Science and Innovation - São Paulo, Brazil
Internship in the Administrative Area. Frequent German-Portuguese translations.
2017 - 2017
English Interpreter
L'oréal - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
English-Portuguese and Portuguese- English interpreting at Human Resources’ training
2017 - 2017
German teacher
INEP Language Institute - Rio de Janeiro
German classes to 5 students
2014 - 2014
IMPPAR Dentistry - Londrina, Brazil
Portuguese-English translation of company’s website
2013 - 2013
Language Tutor
Fachoschule Osnabrück - Osnabrück
English tutorial to 9 students at the University
2007 - 2007
English Interpreter
Árvore da Vida Publisher - Sumaré, Brazil
Portuguese-English interpreting at 5000 people religious event


2012 - 2015
German Student
Alcance Language School - Londrina, Brazil
B2 German Language completed.