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Dobranoc = good night? O której godzine mówi się 'dobranoc'?

2 years ago
For me, dobranoc has two functions in Polish; 1) to wish someone a good night before going to sleep AND 2) to generally say goodbye to someone at late evening.

But the 2nd meaning is different from the English "good night", which can pretty much be used any time after dark (for example, at 6pm in wintertime). I wouldn't use "dobranoc" at 6pm in Poland though. Dobranoc is used much later, at more 'unsociable' hours, such as after 11pm.

Would you agree with me on this? When do you stop using do widzenia/zobaczenia and start using dobranoc?

Co myślicie na ten temat? Kiedy używacie dobranoc a kiedy do widzenia/zobaczenia? Czy można powiedzieć 'dobranoc' o 18:00?