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How about adding an Available Now checkbox.

2 years ago
[Note: I have now also added the below as a feature suggestion]

Hi Everyone,
I’m really pleased and grateful to Marcus and the team for conducting the student/teacher survey regarding lesson lengths, I seriously hope the functionality to be able to offer 30 minute lessons becomes a reality.
So now staying with the flexibility theme here’s another idea I’d like to float, and that is the ability to be filtered by students as Available Now.
At the moment teachers are able to add Short Term availability to our schedule and if we do so need to be prepared to teach that lesson with as little as one minute notice.
However, and forgive me if this is my lack of familiarity with the system, when I’ve just attempted to search for a teacher available now by clicking in the Online Now checkbox and then also selected Availability as being Saturday + Evening (so my current time) I haven’t easily been able to find a teacher whom I could literally call and start a lesson within the next minute.
So here’s my suggestion, how about adding one more checkbox labeled Available Now for those teachers who have added short term to their schedule and are eagerly sitting at their computer willing to be called and teach instantly.
Together with a 30 minute lesson offering this would definitely add a high degree of flexibility and I know from past experience that there are many students who enjoy being able to log on and learn at very short notice when their busy lives allow them the opportunity to do so.
Any thoughts and opinions from both students and tutors alike very much appreciated.
Best regards,