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Hello everyone,
I'm Magdy, Your language partner. Bring your coffee and let's speak Arabic in your coffee break. let's roll the vocabulary in your head in conversational meetings based on your previous experience.

So you already got some vocabulary from this short intro. Kindly watch my video introduction, Read my student's feedback. Check my available courses. Book your trial session. If you have any question, I will be pleased to answer. Willing to start soon.
I'm Ahmed from Egypt. I will help you improve in Arabic and practice conversational speaking. I can provide different styles of learning Arabic, grammar-based, conversational based, and/or problem-solving based. In our meetings, we really enjoy our time knowing more about Arab culture. Get more Arab music. Enjoy watching a subtitled movie. That makes you feel like you are an Arabian knight. Book a trial session today and let's start speaking Arabic. enjoy my competitive price for the best Arabic language sessions.
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I teach Arabic to non_speaking Arabs with my wife Gehad. She is also a teacher here on Verbling. We can help you improve faster than you think. We work together or individually. Willing to help you as soon as possible.
Arabic is not so different from the language you speak. Let's help you find the links you need to build a foreign language in a fast and correct way. contact me for more info before booking or book a trial session and let's start direct. competitive price for new students.
I'm a qualified Arabic teacher. With an M.A and two diplomas in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, with REAL experience teaching Arabic to non-natives for over than 6 years. I'm available almost all the time. I can communicate and explain in English. I support you with suitable materials that fit your level. Book your trial lesson and let's speak Arabic as soon as possible.

Try to scroll down to courses to see if one fits you well, or I can create a new lesson plan for you. After that, you can book your trial to test your engines and see what do we need to work on. Our lessons will be fun insha'Allah 100% Guaranteed.

I'm Magdy from Egypt, Giza. I have taught Arabic to students from different countries. I work with beginners, intermediate and advanced students. I can help you improve your Arabic and know more about the Arabic culture. We have many topics to speak in. I teach male and female students, and I have also some experience with children.

Arabic is a wonderful logical language that you will enjoy learning it. I started taking lessons and lectures at the university during my undergraduate studies at the faculty of education, and currently through my M.A at Cairo University. I have been teaching Arabic for over than 2 years to natives and lately in the last 5 years to non-natives. I have got different experiences working on improving student’s skills in learning Formal and informal Arabic face to face and On-line classes.
I can help you to learn and understand:
1. Formal Arabic (modern standard Arabic)
If you are willing to learn Arabic for your: (university studies, love of the language, work needs, future plans to visit any Arab country, communication to friends, and of course Islamic studies and understanding the Holy Quran)

2. Informal Arabic (Egyptian colloquial Arabic)
If you are willing to learn Arabic for your: (interest in the Arab culture, music, art, next visit to Egypt, need to avoid cheating, communicating with people)

-The Egyptian Arabic is the most used Arabic dialect in the Arab world, For the huge amount of movies, music, and media produced by and in Egypt published in all Arab world for centuries.
I'm Ahmed Magdy, from Egypt. I'm a teacher at the French Institute in Cairo. I have been helping non-natives in learning Arabic for more than 5 years in Egypt in different places. I have worked at the Faculty of education Ain Shams University, Arab Academy. I'm currently studying for an M.A at Cairo University. I already got 2 diplomas to be a certified Arabic teacher to non-natives besides my Experience in teaching it.
I'm patient and friendly teacher thanks to being an Egyptian. I have an experience in the Egyptian culture and I used to teach culture classes to help students get into the Egyptian community in a smooth way, facing no problems. I got courses in ways and methods of TAFL teaching Arabic as a foreign language. In my classes, I mix between the direct and indirect method. I use the problem-solving method and we do the In-group learning, I help you to reach the self-study level at a point.

Teacher Stats

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class_blackboard4.4 lesson average


Teaching Expertise

Upper Beginner
Upper Intermediate
Upper Advanced
Egyptian Arabic
Modern Standard Arabic (al-fusha)
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Business Arabic
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction



Cairo university - Giza, Egypt
Studying for my masters degree
M.A Teaching Arabic as foreign language
Cairo University - Cairo
Learning ways and methods of teaching the Arabic as a foreign language and more
TAFL Diploma
Cairo University - Cairo , Egypt
Diploma in Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
2005 - 2010
Faculty of Education - Hulwan university , Egypt
Arabic and Islamic studies

Work Experience

Arabic Lecturer
DEAC Institute Frances Cairo - Cairo , Egypt
Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers mainly French . (Modern Literature - Media Arabic ) MSA & ECA
2014 - 2015
Assistant professor
Faculty of education (Ain-Shams) - Ain-Shams , Egypt
Teaching Arabic to students of Leipzig University
2012 - 2014
Arabic tutor
Arab Academy - Garden city , Cairo , Egypt
Teaching Arabic and Creating E-books
2008 - 2010
Arabic teacher
El-ashraf primary school - Giza , Egypt
Teaching Arabic

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