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Diego Cuadros

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Increase your vocabulary, your habilities to understand native speakers, and your speaking skills with my easy lessons for intermediate Spanish students. I'll be waiting for you to book a lesson!



About Me


It's such a pleasure to meet you!

Mi nombre es Diego. I live in Colombia, and I teach Spanish online using stories.

Just like you, I'm a language learner too, and because of that, I know how bad you feel every time you have conversations with native speakers in Spanish. I know that you just keep feeling that no matter how hard you try, all you can hear is noise (or catch some words here and there).

Even worse, I know how frustrating it is to know that even though you've already taken college Spanish and even extra courses for some time now, you still can't express yourself with fluency and confidence in Spanish.

I know how you feel because I used to feel that way when I was learning to speak English.

Thankfully, I found stories and a powerful method to use them and improve my language learning up to the point that I became highly proficient in English. Then when I became a Spanish teacher, I began to help my students achieve the same results I got from stories. (I've been doing it online for 4 years so far)

This has been one of the funniest and most powerful ways to teach Spanish that I've used as a teacher and to learn languages.

This method I use during my lessons is called TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling), which is an approach that uses stories and comprehensible input (easy to understand Spanish) to teach the language and boost the students abilities to understand and speak the language.

One of the most rewarding and exciting feelings I get from teaching Spanish like this, is to see how students start to understand, not only more Spanish, but native speakers from other cultures and parts of the world, and this is something that I would like to share with anyone who joins my live lessons.

However, before booking a lesson with me, have in mind that I focus on students who already a basic knowledge of Spanish. My lessons are fully conversational, so you will need to speak and listen to tons of Spanish.

If you book a lesson with me, we will:

- Listen to stories in Spanish.
- Have tons of conversations in Spanish.
- Improve your fluency with the stories.
- Increase tremendously your listening skills in Spanish.

Now, if you're looking to:

-Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish.
-Study more grammar rules.
-Do written exercises.
-Have textbook homework and grammar drills.

Then I suggest you go ahead and book a lesson with another tutor from the wonderful community of teachers we have on Verbling.

But if you're excited, motivated and committed to improve your fluency, and your listening skills in Spanish, please, book a lesson with me, and I'll be super excited to meet you in a live lesson.



**PLEASE NOTE: Commitment is very important to achieve any goal in your life, and because of that I appreciate time very much. So, once a session starts, I usually wait 15 minutes to see if the student shows up. If the student doesn't show up, I'll mark the lesson as complete and charge 100% of the lesson. However, you can always message me beforehand if you have an issue, we can reschedule without any charge. Thanks!**

**ONE MORE THING: Currently, I only work with adults, so if you're looking for a Spanish teacher for your daughter or your son, please go ahead and contact one of our great teachers specialized in helping kids in our wonderful community of teachers at Verbling**
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Upper Beginner
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Latin American Spanish



2011 - 2014
Técnologo en sistemas
Institución Universitaria Salazar y Herrera - Medellín, Colombia

briefcaseWork Experience

2016 - 2017
Spanish Teacher
Spanish to Mind - Medellín, Colombia
Spanish teacher
2016 - 2017
English teacher
Global System Learning - Medellín, Colombia
English teacher to all levels
2016 - 2016
English teacher
ULA - Medellín, Colombia
English teacher
2014 - 2015
English teacher
Private English lessons - Medellín, Colombia
Private lessons
2012 - 2013
Practicante en sistemas
AGAVAL S.A - Medellín, Colombia
Practicante en el área de T.I


2016 - 2016
Medellín, Colombia