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Luisina Egidi

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About Me

¡Hola! Enseño desde hace más de 18 años... He trabajado con niños, adolescentes y adultos, online y presencial. Nací en Rosario, Argentina. Tengo formación universitaria en didáctica y epistemologías, literatura y gramática española. Siempre estoy buscando nuevas formas de aprender y enseñar. Me gusta mucho el español y compartir mis conocimientos.
Soy consciente de que el español tiene una gramática muy irregular y una pronunciación difícil al principio. Intento hacer clases dinámicas, relajadas, sensibles y efectivas, priorizando la conversación y comprensión. Me gusta usar recursos creativos y situaciones reales de la vida cotidiana para aprender y enseñar español, su literatura y cultura. Desarrollamos juntos tus habilidades en gramática, vocabulario, pronunciación y escritura.
No soy una profesora clásica, siéntete cómodo, puedes cometer todos los errores que necesites. Verás tus progresos desde la primera clase.
Soy flexible, entusiasta y empática con mis estudiantes, y me gusta también aprender de ellos. Para mí la pedagogía es un arte y la educación, un encuentro a través del conocimiento

¡Hola! I was born and live in Rosario, Argentina. I have over 18 years of teaching experience... I have taught students all ages and levels, and I understand that every student is different and learns at their own pace. I also work with students with special educational needs. I love helping children learn Spanish! (They are so creative with their relies).
Since 2009 I have held online classes. I'm aware of Spanish has a very irregular grammar and a hard pronunciation at the beginning, I really try to make my classes fun, relaxed and effective, always focusing on conversation and understanding as a priority. Not only do I teach Spanish but I also teach latinamerican culture and literature.
I have an extensive teaching and research experience in innovative pedagogy, semiotic and epistemology. I have leadership roles in teacher-training.
I am certain I can help improve your grammar, vocabulary, writing and pronunciation skills. I will provide you with innovative learning materials (special activities for teens and kids), because I really believe what is learned through emotion it's easy to remember.
I’m not a regular teacher, feel free to ask any questions. You'll see progress from day 1. Classes are made based on your needs.
In my opinion, teaching is an art form, a creative encounter with others.

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Upper Beginner
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Latin American Spanish
Rioplatense Spanish



1998 - 2009
Bachelor in Educational Sciences, major in Language Training
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina - Argentina
2012 - 0
PhD Student in Semiotic and Epistemology
Universidades Nacionales de Argentina - Argentina

briefcaseWork Experience

1999 - 2009
Foreign Language Teacher at schools
Primary schools and High schools for children, youth and adults - Rosario, Argentina
2006 - 2009
Research Assistant on didactic resources
Argentina National University - Argentina
I have taken part in the design and performance of multimedia didactic resources to learning at a multidisciplinary university experience. Conferencepresentations and publications
2012 - 0
Teacher /Tutor/ Researcher
Comunidad Abejar / Aprendizaje en red - ONLINE
2016 - 0
Online Spanish Teacher and Tutor
Spanish Language e-Learning - ONLINE


2017 - 2017
Examiner for DELE Spanish exams
Instituto Cervantes - Budapest
2016 - 2016
Training for distance-learning tutors
Aula Virtual Taller Multinacional - DF, México
Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for distance education and teacher training and development
2007 - 2007
Diploma DUCALE “Academic Competence in Spanish Language” - EFA-EFP
Rosario National University - Argentina
EFA (Español para fines académicos) and EFP (Español para fines profesionales)
2007 - 2007
Diploma in Pedagogy and Didactics in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language
Seminario Andrés Bello, unidad académica del Instituto Caro y Cuervo - Colombia